Welcome To The Jungle (WTTJ) is a Fuzen event.Ticket buyers will be bound by the following terms.



These Terms and Conditions may be subject to change at any time and will become binding, with or without notification by Fuzen.

Terms and conditions for the purchase of tickets will be available at the time of purchase through the Ticket Fairy sales page. If in the event Ticket Fairy terms and conditions do not match the festival terms, or do not specify an answer, the festival terms will apply.


·       By purchasing tickets for Welcome To The Jungle you are agreeing to abide by these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions apply in full to all areas of the festival including the stage areas, carpark areas, camp grounds, any immediately adjacent entry roads and bus stops. 

·       Violating these conditions of entry may result in denial of entry, immediate ejection, or referral to New Zealand police if appropriate. If you are denied entry or ejected because you have not adhered to these Terms and Conditions, no refund will be provided. 

·       Welcome To The Jungle  is a strictly R18 event and in accordance with New Zealand liquor licensing laws we will only permit entry with current, valid photo identification as listed below.  It is the ticket holder’s responsibility to ensure they have the correct ID.  Welcome To The Jungle will refuse entry to those without acceptable ID and will not provide refunds should the ticket holder be refused entry. Acceptable forms of identification are limited to the following ONLY:

o   Current HAINZ 18+ ID Card

o   Current Kiwi Access Card 

o   Current New Zealand Drivers Licence

o   Current Passport

·       If changes are made to New Zealand’s liquor licensing laws or regulations, these conditions of entry will subsequently be updated.

·       Intoxicated persons will not be granted entry to the festival. 

·       All attendees on-site must comply with all official directives in the event of emergency evacuations or situations.

·       Those believed to be attempting to go against official terms and conditions, or assisting others in breaking these conditions of entry (including admittance of those without valid tickets or wristbands) will be denied access to the site, and referred to the New Zealand Police if required.

·       All attendees on-site must have a valid form of admittance, which must constitute one of the following forms (but not limited to):

o   Valid attendee wristband accreditation once on-site

o   Valid authorised WTTJ accreditation

·       Wristbands and other forms of accreditation on-site are issued for the entire event (unless otherwise stated) and designed to be secure and non-removable (without destroying the wristband). Any attempts by attendees to manipulate or interfere with their wristbands will be construed as an attempt to contravene these conditions of entry, and may result in denial of entry, immediate ejection.

·       Any persons attempting to enter the festival without a valid event ticket or wristband, or without using the official entrances will be subject to a trespass order that will be in effect for 2 years. Those issued with a trespass notice may also be permanently banned for all future Welcome To The Jungle or Fuzen events. 

·       In cases where there is a valid reason (at the discretion of Fuzen) why the wristband has been damaged or removed, the right is reserved to charge for a replacement wristband.

·       All attendees must comply with the directives of Welcome To The Jungle staff and contractors. Failure to do so may result in denial of entry, immediate ejection, or referral to New Zealand police if deemed appropriate.

·       Attempts to damage property of other attendees, or of Welcome To The Jungle will result in denial of entry, immediate ejection, or referral to New Zealand police if deemed appropriate. Additionally, attempts will be made to recover costs if appropriate.

·       By attending these events you are providing permission to be filmed, photographed or used in any promotional material by Welcome To The Jungle and/or festival partners.  This includes overhead drone footage. Welcome To The Jungle has no obligation to notify you when using these images for any purpose at any time. 

·       Welcome To The Jungle take no responsibility for personal items mislaid, lost or stolen on-site. You must look after your own property with care.

·       Welcome To The Jungle is an open-air event in rural and coastal area.  Be prepared for all weather conditions and ensure you bring some warm and wet weather clothing. Entry is at the attendee’s own risk and attendees assume that there may be risks inherent in admission to the venue. Welcome To The Jungle will not be held responsible in the event of any injury, loss or damage sustained entering the venue, including damage to private vehicles brought on-site or adjacent car-parking facilities.

·       It is strictly forbidden to walk along designated bus and state highway areas between Welcome To The Jungle and other areas. This practice is extremely dangerous for the individual, buses and other traffic, and may result in immediate removal of festival wristband or referral to the New Zealand police.

·       If at any point you feel that you or others’ health or safety is threatened, you should contact the nearest Welcome To The Jungle staff member, security guard or Police Officer for assistance. Sexual harassment, bullying or any type of unwanted behaviour is not tolerated.

·       Any attempts to misrepresent oneself as a member of security, staff, or other personnel through the use of high-visibility clothing or making statements as such will be considered a serious offence and the party will be immediately ejected from the event, without refund.

·       No forms of sexual harassment be it verbal or physical, nor any discriminatory act including homophobia, racism, transphobia, sexism or other activity that harms another will be tolerated at the festival.

·       Welcome To The Jungle will not permit the entry of attendees who break any conditions of entry and will eject those who break these rules at their discretion without warning, with no refunds provided. Items deemed to be in violation of these conditions of entry will be confiscated and not returned.

·       These conditions of entry are:

o   No anti-social or threatening behaviour to other festival attendees or staff, or behaviour deemed to be in violation of the intent of these terms and conditions.

o   No misrepresentation as a member of staff or security, or attempt to enter restricted areas.

o   No construction or attempts to do so of any form of fire, bonfire or naked flame.

o   No animals.

o   No use of illicit drugs or illegal substances.

o   No attempt to bring into the venue any of the following items (but not limited to):

·       Prohibited items include: 

o   Fireworks

o   Alcohol 

o   Weapons

o   Gang patches or gang affiliated clothing

o   Lasers

o   Any forms of glass, including glass containers and/or drinking vessels. A limited number of small personal toiletry bottles will be allowed. 

o   BBQs or other cooking equipments 

o   Material to construct fires or weapons

o   Other dangerous items

o   Strictly no aerial drones will be allowed on the festival site.

o   For safety reasons, we do not permit any mallets or hammers on site. 

·       Any prohibited items that are confiscated will not be returned. 

·       Attendees must allow authorised personnel to search their vehicles, clothes, bags, containers or other possessions for items in violation of these conditions of entry. Authorised personnel includes any member of NZ Police.

·       Participating in dangerous activities such as aggressive dancing, stage diving, crowd surfing or climbing may result in denial of entry, immediate ejection, or referral to New Zealand Police if deemed appropriate.

·       Intoxicated persons will not be granted entry to any Welcome To The Jungle bus services.

·       No person without a valid Welcome To The Jungle festival ticket or wristband will be granted entry to Welcome To The Jungle bus services. 

·       No prohibited items (including alcohol and glass) can be taken on to the Welcome To The Jungle bus services. 


·       Welcome To The Jungle has a strict ‘No Refunds’ policy.

·       Welcome To The Jungle is an all-weather event, and will not be cancelled in the event of adverse weather. Efforts will be made to adjust for adverse weather where possible.

·       In the event that the festival is postponed for any reason, all tickets will remain valid for the new date. Details will be communicated on how to request a refund should the ticket holder not be able to attend the new date.

·       In the event of full cancellation, ticket refunds will be made from the point of purchase. Tickets purchased privately or not from WTTJ official ticketing platform are not eligible for refunds.

·       Tickets purchased for Welcome To The Jungle are for the event, not for specific artists or acts. We reserve the right to withdraw, replace or substitute acts, and make changes to the program and /or timetabling where required. No refunds will be provided if an act is changed, cancelled or length or content of the performance changed or truncated.

·       Tickets may not be used as part of promotional giveaways, or contests, sweepstakes or in exchange for service unless with the express written consent of Welcome To The Jungle.

·       Tickets can only be sold through Ticket Fairy at a time to be decided by Welcome To The Jungle. All tickets will be named tickets, that must match the name of the ID of the person presenting the ticket at the festival entry. Any resale tickets must be sold via Ticket Fairy Resale. Tickets that have not been resold correctly through Ticket Fairy Resale will not be valid and the “purchaser” of the invalid ticket will not be entitled to entry to the festival or support in obtaining any refund.

·        The Ticket Fairy Resale system will be enabled for a ticket type once a ticket type sells out. The ticket space is then offered for purchase those registered on the waiting list.  Resale tickets are subject to a fee. Welcome To The Jungle is not obligated to resell your ticket, the resale system is the designated method to safely sell a valid ticket to the event, not a “buy back” scheme or guaranteed sale.

·       Tickets purchased, with a sale completed on any other platform (Viagogo, Tixel, Trade Me) are not valid.

·       If the amount paid for a ticket is incorrect regardless of whether it was an error in price or otherwise communicated, Welcome To The Jungle reserves the right to cancel that ticket and refund the amount paid. This will apply regardless of whether it was a human error or system malfunction.

·       Tickets won as prizes, or gifted (comp tickets) cannot be transferred to any other person.  If the named holder cannot attend the event the ticket becomes void.

·       Any person seen to be selling, or attempting to sell, a ticket at more than face value will have all tickets under their name blocked from resale. The festival organiser reserves the right to then either cancel, refund or permanently block from resale any number of tickets under the offender’s name or email address. Any refund of the tickets is at the discretion of the festival organisers and will incur a cancellation and administration fee. 

·       Tickets for Welcome To The Jungle can only be listed for resale via Ticket Fairy Resale. Fees apply. Cut off for Resale is 12pm of the day it becomes valid.

·       In the event of a refund of any sort, the service fee component or other administrative charges in purchasing / delivering the ticket will not be refunded.

·       The bus service provided to Welcome To The Jungle, with the service and frequency of said service subject to the availability of buses, drivers and the application of all related transportation laws. All services are subject to delays impacted by the traffic and other delays caused by the public.  Welcome To The Jungle takes no responsibility for attendees failing to make the events by missing buses, or being ejected from buses or denied their use due to damage, intoxication or other unruly behaviour. In this event Welcome To The Jungle  will not provide a refund and will refer the person to the appropriate authorities if required.

·       If you do not receive a confirmation email after submitting payment information, or if you experience an error message or service interruption after submitting payment information, it is your responsibility to confirm whether or not your order has been placed by contacting Ticket Fairy. Only you may be aware of any problems that may occur during the purchase process. Welcome To The Jungle will not be responsible for losses if you assume that an order was not placed because you failed to receive confirmation.

·       Welcome To The Jungle will not be held liable if customers purchase additional or unwanted tickets or add ons and it is the responsibility of customers to be sure they have selected the appropriate tickets and add ons. 

·       By purchasing tickets for others through your ticket agent account, it is the responsibility of the account holder to ensure that the correct information is completed on all tickets. Welcome To The Jungle will not be responsible for any costs incurred if customers do not enter the correct details during the process, for any reason. When allowing others to purchase a ticket for you, you acknowledge that ticket is the property of the account holder, regardless of any external financial arrangements between you. 

·       By purchasing ticket/s you declare that they will not be passed onto any person/s under the age of 18 years.

·       Tickets purchased as part of a package can’t be sold separately. In the event of upgrading, downsizing tickets, the customer may be required to re-purchase their desired ticket and resell their old ticket. Fees apply.


·       Welcome To The Jungle is a cashless venue, and all transactions and purchases with vendors are undertaken by RFID. By using any third party vendors on-site, including but not limited to ticket agents, RFID technologies, or other vendors associated with Welcome To The Jungle  you are  agreeing to abide by their terms and conditions and any associated responsibilities.

·       Welcome To The Jungle  will not be held responsible for the actions of third party retailers, or provide refunds in the event of a dispute.


·       The names ‘Welcome To The Jungle ’ and ‘WTTJ’ are the intellectual property of Fuzen (and partnrs) and may not be used unless explicit written consent is provided by Fuzen. 

·       Pictures and content contained on our websites is also the property of Welcome To The Jungle and may not be duplicated or used without our written and explicit consent.

·       When using the Welcome To The Jungle  website (or any other websites associated with Welcome To The Jungle  including the ticketing agent website) and therefore agreeing to the sites terms and conditions, you are permitting Welcome To The Jungle  to collect the personal information provided in your ticket purchase.

·       By purchasing an event ticket, you agree that Welcome To The Jungle may contact you in future for customer feedback, marketing and other events. You will be provided the option to unsubscribe from this service.